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I'm Cole, a Game Designer who thinks critically, seeks originality, and loves colour. I love Nintendo games and my favourite games are Zelda, Terraria, and Splatoon! My games can be played here: My latest game, Hearth and Home, was made on a team of 6 people for the 2019 global game jam, and can be found here:

My current goal is to grow as a designer by learning how to design, develop, market, and publish a game while leveraging my time and ability. I regularly showcase games at monthly meetups to get feedback on my prototypes that I use to iterate on the design.



April 2018 to August 2018


Supported the Fifa Switch and Gen4 teams by integration testing, bug-tracking, and regressing issues using tools like Perforce, Devtrack, and Confluence. Verified milestone deliverables and candidate builds.


Global Game Jam, 2018 - 2019 (Ongoing project)

“Where Galaga meets colour theory!” -- A 2D, colour-focused, Galaga-inspired arcade shooter for PC developed solo in 48 hours at GGJ2018 using GameMaker Studio.


I am currently developing this project, following my goal of developing my design skills. I regularly present this game to gain insight into the design challenges which I face in developing this indie game. You can read more about the problems I encountered and what my solutions were on the link below.


Global Game Jam, 2019

A 3D top-down walking simulator about reuniting your bonfire family. Made on a team of 6 in 48 hours, developed in Unity for PC, Mac, and Browser. Designed and scripted systems and gameplay in C# in Visual Studio. Created art assets and the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Used Github and SourceTree for version control.


Art Institute Final Project, 2016

A 2D side-scrolling, movement-based, Action-Adventure platformer for PC developed solo in 6 months using GameMaker Studio. Designed systems and gameplay outlined in design documents, created art assets in Adobe Illustrator and scripted the game in GML.

Mock-ups and logos

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