I am a Game Designer who thinks critically, seeks originality, and loves colour. I love Nintendo games and my favourite games are Splatoon and Terraria, among others! My games can be found here: rayflower.itch.io. My latest game, Hearth and Home, was made on a team of 6 people for the 2019 global game jam, and can be found here: teamsupertable.github.io.

Games I've worked on

April 2018 to August 2018


Supported the Fifa Switch and Gen4 teams by integration testing, bug-tracking, and regressing issues using tools like Perforce, Devtrack, and Confluence. Verified milestone deliverables and candidate builds.

Global Game Jam, 2018

“Where Galaga meets colour theory!” -- A 2D colour-focused, Galaga-inspired arcade shooter for PC developed solo in 48 hours using GameMaker Studio. Later added a score system and custom-made sound effects using bfxr.net. Scripted the game in GML and used Adobe Illustrator to make art assets.

Global Game Jam, 2019

A 3D top-down walking simulator about reuniting your bonfire family. Made on a team of 6 in 48 hours, developed in Unity for PC, Mac, and Browser. Designed and scripted systems and gameplay in C# in Visual Studio. Created art assets and the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Used Github and SourceTree for version control.

Personal Project, 2019

A 2D side-scrolling crafter/gatherer for PC focused on turning item pickup mechanics into fun gameplay with the theme of discovery. Made in GameMaker Studio 2, designed and scripting the game in GML, and used Adobe Illustrator for art assets.

Pick It Up! is a prototype where I learned a bunch of important lessons when it comes to game design and project planning. 

Art Institute Final Project, 2016

A 2D side-scrolling, movement-based, Action-Adventure platformer for PC developed solo in 6 months using GameMaker Studio. Designed systems and gameplay outlined in design documents, created art assets in Adobe Illustrator and scripted the game in GML.

My graphic art and digital works

Custom projects I've made

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