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Work Experience​


April 2018 - August 2018. 


Supported the Fifa Switch and Gen4 teams by integration testing, bug-tracking, and regressing issues using tools like Perforce, Devtrack, and Confluence. Verified milestone deliverables and candidate builds.

Game Projects

Global Game Jam, 2018 - 2019 (Ongoing project)

“Where Galaga meets colour theory!” -- A 2D, colour-focused, Galaga-inspired arcade shooter for PC developed solo in 48 hours at GGJ2018 using GameMaker Studio.


I am currently developing this project, following my goal of developing my design skills. I regularly present this game to gain insight into the design challenges which I face in developing this indie game. You can read more about the problems I encountered and what my solutions were on the link below.


Global Game Jam, 2019

A 3D top-down walking simulator about reuniting your bonfire family. Made on a team of 6 in 48 hours, developed in Unity for PC, Mac, and Browser. Designed and scripted systems and gameplay in C# in Visual Studio. Created art assets and the logo in Adobe Illustrator. Used Github and SourceTree for version control.

Personal Project, 2019​

A 2D side-scrolling crafter/gatherer for PC focused on turning item pickup mechanics into fun gameplay with the theme of discovery. Made in GameMaker Studio 2, designed and scripting the game in GML, and used Adobe Illustrator for art assets.

Pick It Up! is a prototype where I learned a bunch of important lessons when it comes to game design and project planning. 

Pick it up GMS2 ref crop.png

Art Institute Final Project, 2016

A 2D side-scrolling, movement-based, Action-Adventure platformer for PC developed solo in 6 months using GameMaker Studio. Designed systems and gameplay outlined in design documents, created art assets in Adobe Illustrator and scripted the game in GML.

Design Documents

Protomorph Gameplay & Player Experience Vision


This document describes at high-level what the types of fun are in 'Protomorph', the gameplay beats, emotional style & tone, as well as visual, audio & haptic presentation. Protomorph is a 2D action game about fighting in a transformable mecha, gaining new abilities and transformations with a Rock/Paper/Scissors fighting style.

Portfolio Website Technical Design Spec


Technical design spec document for my portfolio website for the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2016. Lists assets needed, ​the goals of the website, and a flowchart for each section, and includes a high-level wire frame of what the website would look like. Provides necessary technical information like site pixel width, fonts, and colours.

Story Bible Document - Clash of the Cliques


Document outlining the story, characters, theme, and other elements for the Art Institute student project "Clash of the Cliques"​. Worked together on a team of 7 people

Level Design Technical Documents - Unreal Tournament


Documents outlining the design for levels to be created in Unreal Tournament. Includes mockups of the layout displaying collectibles, different levels, and level moments. ​

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